Pattern (PDF) - Ganesh Sweater

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S-36, M-40, L-44, XL-48, XXL-52 inch chest
S-91, M-102, L-112, XL-122, XXL-132 cm chest

With classic lines and simple ornamentation, Ganesh is a comfortable, versatile sweater you will want to wear every day with every outfit.

I wanted to create a sweater that I could grab for any occasion: a favorite that would always be on the top of the pile. I didn’t want to make a sweater that was a knitting accomplishment, but a functional garment I would always want to slip on with a smile. I believe Ganesh is that sweater. The design is named after the multi-armed Hindu God of overcoming obstacles, as it wasn’t until I knit the 6th version of the sleeve that I was satisfied with the patterning and shaping.

Ganesh is knit with either an alpaca blend or merino, worsted weight yarn for warmth, softness, and drape. I wanted a sweater that would feel cozy, even against my bare arms when worn over a t-shirt. I designed it to be knit from the bottom up; using an uncomplicated modified raglan construction which resembles a saddle shoulder, and is flattering on multiple body types.

Sized from S-XXL for plenty of sizing options to get just the right fit.

ERRATA: Pattern has been updated 7/23/2014 to fix errant decreases in the yoke. All decreases should be symmetrical and even (i.e. there should be either 4 or 8 decreases in a round, symmetrically spaced around the shoulders).

Where the pattern says “Continue to work Upper decrease rounds until only 40(40,47,47,54) sts remain of the body” this means on EACH of the front and back, not including the 21 stitches of the pattern.

Note that “the pattern” on the sleeves includes the knit OUTSIDE the purl (21 stitches) so your Round1/Round2 decreases will end by decreasing onto that last outside knit.