About Gnomespun

We’ll start with the basics, who is the Gnome of “Gnomespun?”

::waves:: Hi, my name is Dan, and I am the Gnome. I am a Retired Army Veteran, a Neuroscientist, Biochemist, a crafter (polycraftual), a husband, and… a lot of other things.

Gnomespun grew from a passing joke to a whimsy to an idea before becoming a full fledged plan at Rhinebeck 2008. And thanks largely to a large group of horrible enablers, I mean friends (but is there really a difference?), Gnomespun was born. Since then it's fluctuated from a self-supporting hobby to my sole source of income and back several times. 

So, here I am, a biochemist and Veteran, doing something as far as possible from that... dyeing, yarn and fiber. In my “spare” time I also spin, crochet, knit, weave, and more among my many polycraftual pastimes.  I love the feel of creation, from the light bulb of conception to the tactile sensation of genesis to a real, tangible product, and so here I am, with my own little gnomish corner of the fiber world, spinning away. I've also recently started to make spindles!

I’ve talked a little more about how I got to be the way I am, and doing what I do, here, if you’re curious.

For more information about what’s going on now with Gnomespun, check out the link to the blog

The lovely drawings of gnomes that are the Gnomespun brand were created by Kira of Halfsparkle Studios. You can see the talented Kira’s work at Halfsparkle.com