"Clean" Engraved Spindle Patterns

These are "all" of Gnomewood's past non-saucy engraved spindle patterns. Most of these are repeatable in high or low whorl in various woods upon request. New ones always being added!

Tentacles/What Lies Beneath 
(With or without storm drain)


Knitting Witch by Franklin Habit

Mokosh Knot


Murder of Crows

Black Widows


Water Tribe

Air Nomads

The Four Nations / Avatar


it takes courage to grow up and be who you really are. - e.e. cummings

Nevertheless, she persisted

Nonbinary persistence


Collective persistence


One Ring

That's What I Do. I Spin And I Know Things.

I Drink And I Spin Things

I Drink And I Spin Things And...

Who needs Rumplestiltskin?



Bear Paws

I spin to keep from stabbing people...

Just keep spinning spinning spinning...

Black Magic

"Sheep" waveform