Working on a new spindle pattern - Three Hares

Working on a new spindle pattern - Three Hares

Hey guys! So yeah, going to try to start using this blog again. We'll see how it goes!

Currently, I'm working on a "Three Hares" motif for spindles! How does that happen?

Watch the video, or continue for text explanation!

@brewergnome Developing a new inlay pattern for my spindles. #woodworking #inlay #spindle #fiberart ♬ original sound - Dan the Gnome

I start with my references. References come from 6th and 7th century cave art in China, 13th century Mongol and Persian metalwork, Medieval European Churches, and 17th and 18th century German Synagogues.

Mogao Cave 139 | Hare, Chinese folk art, Dunhuang



Three hares - Wikipedia

 With those I pull out my trusty iPad and some Procreate, add in a bunch of time...

Yay! But... a bit not what we're looking for, right? No pizazz, and rough edges. First we have to convert it to a vector I can edit with different tools. Then I can trim up the ears and do some quick and dirty cleaning.

Now I spin it up into something more like what I want the final to be, and edit a bit more.

Hey, starting to look like my goal. Time for way more time than I'd like (though this one wasn't as bad as some) doing manual individual manipulation of the inflection points on curves, and finish it up and we're ready to go!

This pattern should make it to some spindles within the next couple weeks!


That's all for now!

~The Gnome

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