Welcome to Autumn

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After yesterday was rough, I let myself sleep in some this morning. Good choice, though I wasn't still back to full oomph. So I didn't try to push myself too hard today, reminding myself that if I'm only at half strength, giving my all means giving 50% not burning myself out to try for the 100% that isn't there.

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First I spent some time out in the unseasonably warm autumn weather. Played with the dogs, and gathered the common milkweed pods so I could scatter the seeds where I want them. Otherwise my garden that has a few would end up completely drowned in them. Also refilled the bird feeders and cleaned out the bird bath.

Also some time to just enjoy the late blooms.

Then it was time for workshop time! Ton of sanding today on the ones I got inlayed yesterday.

Got a small batch to the point of being ready for finish and shaft sanding.

And that was the day!

That's all for now!
~The Gnome

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