Useful day! Spindles in the Shop!

Posted by Daniel Brewer on

Today was useful! Among other things, I got some spindles finished and up in the shop!

Yeah! Woot! Polishing, drilling, hook insertion and trimming, and notching! AND photographing and listing! I'll have some videos of some of that coming soon.

Been a bit of a rough week, so ending up with a more productive day was a nice change.

After getting the spindles made, I decided I had enough energy to actually do a bigger thing. It was a nice day, and it needed to get done so... I went out and blew the leaves off the front yard.

It didn't occur to me to take a photo until about 30 minutes later, by which time more leaves had fallen. Now, I know that by now some of you are going "but why? don't you know that the bugs and bees and things you say you like need those?" and... you're right. BUT, they're too dense for the grass in this location. If I leave them, the yard will die. I largely leave them where I can in the gardens, and have some spots and piles I specifically leave them in the back yard.

That took me quite a while (and two batteries) but felt good to get out and get a big thing done that's been hanging over Husbeast's to-do list.

Then photographing and listing!

And that filled up the day. So yeah, was a good day with stuff actually getting done!

That's all for now!

~The Gnome

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