Sometimes you have rough days

Sometimes you have rough days

Not every day is a slam dunk. Yesterday I got a fair bit done, today... not so much.

Husbeast had to get up early this morning for work stuff. So, less sleep than usual. To add to the sleep fun, I have sleep apnea but my CPAP machine decided to die this weekend. So my sleep isn't as effective.

And I got a fair bit done yesterday, which tends to bias my chronic illness towards a lot energy day today. This all led to my being VERY tired today.

Foggy morning.

With some morning visitors (a bluebird)

May be an image of bird and outdoors

But the sun did eventually burn off the fog a bit.

I managed to get some inlay put in a set of spindles.

And got two spindles polished, drilled, hooked, photographed, and listed on the website!

But then my energy crashed and burned. So, not a wash, but not what I'd like. But that's life, especially with chronic illness. I'm still working on giving myself grace when these days happen. I'm often not great at it.

That's all for now!
~The Gnome

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