Heat and Progress

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So the weather has been AWFUL lately. 90 degrees and up. With baking sun, that only climbs. 

So, we've been trying to get the workshop insulated so we can put in some sort of cooling system. As when it's 90, the workshop hit's 97, and if I turn on the dust collector it goes up another 7-10 degrees. 117 with full PPE is... not smart. 

That will happen soon and will make things much better, but will have to wait a bit as Chris has to go to Guam. But when he's back, he has to quarantine, so we'll have time to get this finished. Can't wait!

Yarn and fiber is similarly hamstrung by not wanting to fill the house with heat and humid when the world is heat and humid. 

None of this means I haven't gotten *anything* done, though! I've gotten a few things finished and up on the shop, and a custom spindle done for a friend.

And I've gotten a ton of stuff prepped and ready for when the shop is useable for more than a few minutes in the morning.

Spindles waiting for the workshop for sanding/shaping/finishing

Old patterns, new patterns

And always new ones in the refinement process


Which is to say, have faith, there will be stuff coming! The weather will not defeat the Gnome!

That's all for now!
~The Gnome


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