Gnew Year 2020 - Goals and Workshops and Cleanup

Gnew Year 2020 - Goals and Workshops and Cleanup

So, it's a gnew year at Gnomespun!

Last year, 2019, was... a year. Yep, definitely a thing with 365 days in it!

As with most years, it was a mixed bag. Some great stuff: New puppy! Trip to Ireland! Spindle Making! New Workshop! and some less great stuff like a few health things, some mental health stuff, and some long periods when I couldn't work on anything.

It was, as I'm sure you're aware, all 7 of you who still manage to follow me, somewhat... erratic in terms of updates. Which brings us to 2020. 

I don't do resolutions. I don't find them terribly useful and they end up broken and the whole thing was a waste. And New Years is super arbitrary. this year, I've had a lot of changes and then a lot of time for introspection between Solstice and New Years, so... why not a few goals? Goals are aspirational, and not making them can still mean progress. Here are the ones relevant or partly relevant to you guys, in no particular order.

1) Attend one fiber festival of any size as a solo vendor (not in someone else's booth) with my name on the application. I've already applied to one, and will be applying to a second when the applications open next week.

2) Learn to use the tools in my new workshop: Lathe, Band Saw, Jigsaw, Router. With the bandsaw, learn resawing. Ideally I'll learn all the other small tools as well, but again, concrete and achievable.

3) Make a turned spindle.

4) Make an inlay turned spindle.

5) Gnome blog at least twice per month. This will hopefully keep you guys better apprised of my activities and pending updates/shop statuses. 

6) Gnomespun update schedule. Still working on exactly what to do for this. Right now I'm leaning towards quarterly but have to figure out what that means and... yeah. This has been my biggest hurdle with the business as I'm sure you're MORE than aware. 

Events I am already committed to attending in one form or another this year:

DFW - April 2-5 - I will be vending with the fabulous A Hundred Ravens!  

Maryland - May 2-3 - I will have spindles available with The Spinning Loft's delicious wools!

Rhinebeck - October 17-18 - I will be vending with Holiday Yarns as always!

I will update you as I hear about the other festivals or add others. 

Now, you may have noticed that little mention of a workshop. Yeah. So. The garage is now a workshop. A full blown one with big boy tools and everything. That will be a whole post, but for now, know there's a workshop.

So yeah, that's the plans for the year 2020. First task has been finishing the workshop so I can get to my yarn and fiber again, which is buried in the sunroom under the prior garage holdings. 


There should probably be more, but maybe if I stop hunting the perfect post I'll start actually getting actual posts written. 

That's all for now, "see" you soon!

~The Gnome

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Think you should come to KY sheep and fiber festival in
May. It is after Maryland and you would be in the area :)


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