FiberWorld 2020 - August 19-23

FiberWorld 2020 - August 19-23

So, all the festivals have been cancelled! Sad face. So much sad face. 

BUT! Because of this, some fabulous people have put together the Inaugural FiberWorld fiber festival!


This will be an entirely online fiber festival, however, it's not like a lot of the "oh crud we have to put together something at the last second" replacements we've seen this year. I'm really excited about this one BECAUSE...

Live booths!: You still can't hold the fiber or spindle in your hands (I know, boo) but I (and other vendors) will be in the booth to show things from different angles, answer questions, demonstrate, etc! And even just to say "Hi" or give virtual hugs!

Classes!: There will be online classes like a regular fiber festival! Knitting! Spinning! Even one on kettle dyeing fiber taught by yours truly! 

MC/Hosts!:  Mary Anne, Mohanraj, Franklin Habit, and Nacinimod Deodee! Hosting fashion shows, events, and keeping things rolling!

So, come check it out, say "Hi" in the booth, and browse at FiberWorld 2020! 

~The Gnome

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