A mix of things

A mix of things

Did a whole range of things today.

Started out by drawing out a jackalope for a spindle!
May be an image of deer


A fun project. I have another jackalope spindle in mind, but it'll be a bit more involved and I may get another artist involved.

Next up... actually next up was lunch. And tea.

May be an image of 1 person, coffee cup and outdoors


That helped my flagging energy a bit. SO it was time to make some more spindles! I got the laser running on the ones I designed yesterday, and headed for the workshop! ::cue trumpets:: Doo doo doo doooo! Charge!

Mandalorian spindle


A heavyweight plying spindle that doesn't want to show at the moment, and an abstract geometric one in pyrite. Pyrite is lovely. All sparkly. It is a PAAAIN because any fragments wants to draw like pencil on everything around it and stain the heck out of it.

This left my in process rack at this:

Ones on the right need their inlay done. Ones on the left need shaft love, and the star (aforementioned plying spindle) needs its oil finish.

Some time during this the laser finished so it was time to see what I had in the "to be glued" pile (well, this to be glued pile, there are several).
May be an image of indoor

Get some shafts and start gluing!

And that's about it for today. Except the doggies went trick or treating to the kitchen and got beef trachea. Very good treats for very good fuzzballs.

So that was today! Hope to get a couple spindles up tomorrow, we'll see!


That's all for now!

~The Gnome

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