Shetland Top - 4oz/114g - Gold in the Hills

Shetland Top - 4oz/114g - Gold in the Hills

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This is 3 separate colors. Two natural deep brown-blacks, and one rich heathered gold. Will make a tweedy yarn if spun together, or can be used for stripes or colorwork if separated.


Shetland: This is an ancient sheep breed. They’re renowned for living in the Scottish Highlands on the steep hills. It’s a middle luster fiber, on the softer end of the spectrum (soft enough for next to skin wear for many). It has a good loft and respectable bounce and memory. A good all around fiber for just about any purpose. This is one of my favorite breeds. “In Sheeps Clothing” classifies this as a downs wool because of the lock structure, while I usually classify it as an ancient breed because some shetlands are still double (or even triple) coated and it felts more easily than most downs wools.

100% Shetland
4oz - 114g
Combed Top

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