Polwarth Top - 4oz/114g - If I Were A Moose

Polwarth Top - 4oz/114g - If I Were A Moose

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Moose: Semi-solid brown in luscious soft fiber.

It's true things slip a moose's mind
That cows remember all the time
Bulbous nose and knobby knees
A coat that harbors ticks and fleas

But a moose can be a handy thing
When hungry wolves come visiting
In icy gust of winter storm
Our fur is deep and dry and warm.

A super soft fiber, as fine as merino, more luster, with a longer staple and more loft. One of my favorite fibers. A note that this is a fabulously soft batch of American polwarth domestically sourced from a farm in Montana. It is easily merino soft, slightly softer (finer) than South American polwarth.

100% American Polwarth
4oz - 114g
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