Phouka Three Color Set - Disco Flamingo

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Disco Flamingo

These yarns are dyed such that each skein will have small "flashes" of the next skein in it. Both photos are the same colorway, one is re-skeined so you can see more how the colors will distribute when actually knit. Whether flashes line up or are disparate will depend on your gauge and stitch count. 

Gnomespun Phouka 3xSet
3x200 (600) Meters / 3x219 (656) Yards
5.7 oz
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

Phouka is a yarn spun loose and plied with a high twist (called a "hosiery twist") for lots of softness and durability. Superwash merino so it's easy to care for and super soft, with some nylon for strength. Fine fingering weight, this is an ideal sock yarn. One skein should be enough for a normal sized pair of socks.

Care: Wash on Delicate Cold/Cold, lay flat to dry. On first washing, saturated colors may "crock" (you will see pale color in wash water, but the yarn shouldn't change color)