Phouka 400m/437yd - Deep Blue Something

Phouka 400m/437yd - Deep Blue Something

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Deep Blue Something: This is a very very deep blue with a purpley undertone. Very hard to get an accurate phorograph. There's just enough variation to make the yarn seem almost luminescent. 

Gnomespun Phouka
~400 Meters / 438 Yards
~3.6 oz
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon
See Yarn Descriptions for suggested gauge information

The flagship Gnomespun Yarn. Named after the shapeshifting trickster spirit of the Celtic lore and pronounced “Pooh-ka,” Phouka is a multipurpose yarn that can "shapeshift" into anything from socks to weaving yarn. Phouka is spun loose and plied with four plies with a high twist (“hosiery twist”) for lots of softness while retaining durability and a middling stretch. Superwash merino so it’s easy to care for and super soft, with some nylon for strength. Middle fingering weight, this is an ideal millspun sock yarn. One skein should be enough for a normal sized pair of socks. I have a pair that I wear at least two days a week, every week, that is unfaded and shows almost no wear after over two years!