Montadale (Extra-Soft) Roving - 4oz/114g - Rose Red

Montadale (Extra-Soft) Roving - 4oz/114g - Rose Red

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Rose Red: Red as rose, red as the blood from a rose picked thumb... a deep semi-solid true-red.

Note: This is a repeatable colorway. If you need more than is available in the shop or would like it in another fiber, email me and I can do a larger batch for you.

Montadale is an American downs-type wool. This particular batch is locally sourced from a shepherd nearby. With a crisp spiral downs crimp, this batch is surprisingly soft, similar to a tunis, but with a bit more shine and less sponginess. Montadale has excellent loft and memory, while resisting felting (though like all wools it is not immune). Good for hard wearing items, soft enough for next to skin for me, but YMMV. This particular batch is extra extra-soft

100% Montadale
4oz - 114g
Carded Roving