Insi Four Color Set 400yd - Geode

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Geode: Flashing crystals of rainbow hue hide in this stone...

This is a "manual gradient." That is, it's four 100yd skeins, one each in purple, red, blue, and burgundy. Can be used for a knit gradient or for colorwork.

Gnomespun Insi
~400 Yards / 366 Meters
~4 oz
100% Domestic Tunis

Insi is a yarn spun with a mid-high twist for reasonable softness and durability with a low stress. Insi has excellent stitch definition. I call this a "sockish" twist. If you knit it tight (US1/2.25mm: 8st / 11 rows per inch) then it makes a lovely dense fabric that holds up well for socks, knit it a little looser and it has a lovely drape for things like shawls. One skein should be enough for a normal sized pair of socks.

Note: This is not superwash. As a downs wool it will hold up to light washing better than usual, but it is not superwash.

Tunis: A soft downswool breed, with slighly less loft than some of the other down breeds like Clun or Dorset, but with a finer handle and drape. Little notable luster. Tunis still retains the good memory of other downs breeds. This is well on the soft end of the breed, and would be excellent for even next-to-skin wear (at least for me). A really nice soft, springy fiber.

This fiber is sourced from several local shepherds in New England, and spun by a family owned mill in New York.