Happy Sheep 2017 Carded Roving - 4oz/114g - Falling In

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Falling In:

My heart was young with an old demeanor
My heart was grey and my heart was bored
But you never know it until you've seen her
What you're looking for

She's the patch of grass underneath my snowfall
In my iron sky she's a streak of blue
She's the toes of the trees underneath my sidewalk
And she's breaking through
You're breaking through

Note: This colorway is repeatable, however Happy Sheep 2017 has all been dyed.

Happy Sheep Blend 2017: This is a blend of local wools from happy sheep on East Coast small farms. This blend includes Columbia, Dorset, Cheviot, Rambouillet, and Tunis. Carefully picked, this blend spins up into a surprisingly soft and lofty yarn, resistant to felting with a nice halo.

Second photo is a 2-ply, spindle spun with medium fulling to bring up the halo.

100% Happy Sheep 2017 (Columbia, Dorset, Cheviot, Rambouillet, and Tunis)
4oz - 114g
Carded Roving