Falkland Top - 4oz/114g - Nostalgia

Falkland Top - 4oz/114g - Nostalgia

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Nostalgia: Yes, it really is neon

A three color braid, each arm of the braid in a color. Perfect for a tweedy fabric, stripes, or colorwork. 

NOTE: This item is part of Gnomespun's "Textiles for Good" project. Proceeds from this item will be donated to a non-profit. To see where donations are currently, check out the "Textiles for Good" section. 

Falkland: Falkland isn't a sheep breed, but rather a collection of fiber from a particular area with similar traits. It's a mixed breed, multipurpuse fiber similar to a combination of characteristics of Merino, Polwarth, and Corriedale in fineness, loft, and durability, silky and good for next-to-skin wear. It has a delicate luster and is a great fiber for beginners and experienced spinners alike. A pleasure to spin.

100% Falkland
4oz - 114g
Combed Top