Gotland Top - 4oz/114g - Hurricane Angel

Gotland Top - 4oz/114g - Hurricane Angel

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Hurricane Angel:

On the day the levee broke
The water did rise, the flowers did choke
I sat in my living room, lit one last smoke
Then I watched it all drift away

This is a three color dye (three separate spans, braided together) perfect for a tweedy fabric or for stripes. Blue, Green, Bluegreen (Cobalt, Heart of the Green, Deep Sea).

Note: This is a repeatable colorway. If you need more than is available in the shop or would like it in another fiber, email me and I can do a larger batch for you.

Gotland is a longwool, similar in many respects to Wensleydale. Slightly shorter stapled, with a good luster, good wear, and gorgeous dark heathering. Good for laceweight. This particular batch is on the very soft end of the breed, good for lace if not overspun. If spun longdraw, the yarn will halo beautifully with a very soft glowing halo. Far more than you expect from a fiber like this.

100% Gotland
4oz - 114g
Combed Top