Cheviot Roving - 4oz/114g - Brave

Cheviot Roving - 4oz/114g - Brave

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Brave: Sometimes everyone needs to dig down and find that brave inner redhead so tehy can kick a little butt. A rich and orangey red.

Note: This colorway is repeatable. So if you would like more, or in another fiber, just let me know.

Cheviot: A downs wool, and almost unfeltable. Very similar to Dorset, with a spiral crimp and incredible bounce. Cheviot is a very old breed originally from Spain, and long established in the English Downs. Like many of the downs breeds, Cheviot can be variable. This locally sourced Cheviot roving is on the mid-soft end, soft enough for socks for me!

100% Cheviot
4oz - 114g
Carded Roving