Alpaca/Montadale 40/60 Roving - 4oz/114g - Marsh Grass

Alpaca/Montadale 40/60 Roving - 4oz/114g - Marsh Grass

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Marsh Grass


This is a very limited quantity special blend. The Montadale provides a nice loft and handle, while the Alpaca lends its epic softness and warmth! Yarn spun from this blend halos nicely. The overall feel is very soft, more than soft enough for next-to-skin for me, though YMMV.

Alpaca: A short stapled, sleek and soft fiber. This is huacaya alpaca is short and lofty, with little less luster. Very very soft.

Montadale is an American downs-type wool. This particular batch is locally sourced from a shepherd nearby. With a crisp spiral downs crimp, it feels similar to a cheviot or suffolk, and will behave similarly with excellent loft and memory, while resisting felting (though like all wools it is not immune). Good for hard wearing items, soft enough for socks for me, this is from a very fine/soft batch.

This fiber is sourced from local shepherds in NH and MA.

60% Montadale / 40% Alpaca
4oz - 114g
Carded Roving