Happy Sheep 2017 Carded Roving - 4oz/114g - If I Were A Moose

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It's true things slip a moose's mind
That cows remember all the time
Bulbous nose and knobby knees
A coat that harbors ticks and fleas

But a moose can be a handy thing
When hungry wolves come visiting
In icy gust of winter storm
Our fur is deep and dry and warm.

Note: This colorway is repeatable. Let me know if you want larger quantities than are available in the shop.

Happy Sheep Blend 2017: This is a blend of local wools from happy sheep on East Coast small farms. This blend includes Columbia, Dorset, Cheviot, Rambouillet, and Tunis. Carefully picked, this blend spins up into a surprisingly soft and lofty yarn, resistant to felting with a nice halo.

Second photo is a 2-ply, spindle spun with medium fulling to bring up the halo.

100% Happy Sheep 2017 (Columbia, Dorset, Cheviot, Rambouillet, and Tunis)
4oz - 114g
Carded Roving